woensdag 3 juni 2009

Mayday mayday

The data of the French aircraft may not be found. Last week an Air France plane crashed into the Atlantic Ocean between Brazil and Senegal. The French will send a merchant vessel carrying two small submarines who will investigate the crash hoping to find the black box. The catastrophe is the worst in the French Aviation history. Head of the officials, Paul Arslanian, is not optimistic in finding the black box because of the terrain under the sea. Although it is hard to say what the causes are, I think it may have helped if the plane took an alternative route around the thunderstorm. The location of the crash made it very difficult to rescue any passengers in time. It is important that they find the black box.

“Without [the recorders] it will be very difficult to reach established fact, but we can reach a possible explanation”. Paul-Louis Arslanian,French investigation head

Flying is considered to be the safest way to travel but when it goes wrong it is usually disastrous. I have flown many times but I am always a little scared. If something goes wrong most of the people usually die. This crash could have been prevented if the airplane did not fly through the heavy storms. However, it is still difficult to determine the causes without the black box. The only thing we can do is speculate and feel sorry for the families who are left behind. Another factor which made it hard to save any survivors is the location of the crash. The fastest way to get there is to send helicopters but it still takes too much time. It must horrible to spend your last hours in the ocean.


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  1. This is not an accident ?!
    Air France jet with 228 people on board is feared to have crashed in the ocean off the coast of Brazil.
    Heard this on the radio earlier on my way back home from the mall. Air France flight AF 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris disappeared from the radar while flying over the Atlantic Ocean.
    The video from the scene:Air France jet-video-online

  2. It is very sad what happened with the Air France plane, it is going to take a long time to find the blackbox of the plane because the Atlantic Ocean is very big. When I first heard the story on the CNN channel it reminds me of the television series Lost. I hope there will be some closer in this story soon so the families can go on with there lives.

  3. Hi Steven - I think you need to work on your blog a bit more. It seems to me that most of the posts are a single paragraph, combining the summary of the news item and your own reflection on it, whereas the idea was to have at least two paragraphs: one with the summary (150 words) and one with the reaction to it (another 150). Think you can elaborate on at least the last 6 of the posts?

    Also, not all of the posts seem to be about news that is directly relevant to Britain - rather, you have the world news as your playing field. Please try to add one or two more posts, replacing the ones about North Koreas nuclear programme, for instance.

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