woensdag 3 juni 2009

Go deep!

Nereus is the deepest diving vessel in the world. Scientists have developed a new type of robot, Nereus, which allows diving to 10902 meters. The Robot is equipped with the ability to switch into free swimming mode and it marks the starting point of a new era of ocean exploration. Kaiko which was its predecessor had to rely on a cable that was connected to the ship. The cable provided power to the ship causing a lot of troubel. Neureus does not need a cable anymore and is unmanned. The pilots can steer the robot from their vessel which is placed on the surface. The Marinas Trench (Pacific Ocean) is considered to be the lowest point of the earth so far and the chance of finding unknown organisms is very realistic. Finding unknown organisms can tell us a lot about life. The vessel can bring us new answers.

I am very curious how the organisms look and what type of ecosystem they will find. It can be extremely interesting to study the ecosystem because they live without oxygen and sun. Not such a long time ago, we thought life was only possible when there is sunlight, this proves the contrary. If we discover a new ecosystem we will discover a lot of new organisms. It is good to discover what the organisms need to survive, what are the basics for an organism? Charles Darwin says that life started in the ocean so maybe we can find one of the first organisms of the earth. It is very good that the ship is unmanned because I don’t think humans would survive. The pilots must have a special education for this kind of work. As we go deeper and deeper the more we discover. I think that there is still a lot of the earth we don’t know.

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  1. When I read the title of your blog I was curious where it was about. My bobby is diving so I already saw organism under water. The deepest I went was 35 meters but I can tell you that you see more marine life around 10 meters.
    I hope that they can find life but I do not believe that they are able to cure deceases with the organism they perhaps will find.