vrijdag 26 juni 2009

The idea of fair play

The manager of the British football club Manchester united has a new challenge in replacing Cristiano Ronaldo who will play for Real Madrid next season. Ronaldo repeatedly confirmed last year that he wanted to leave United. Everyone involved in the operation thought it was too early to leave last year, but this year the deal has finally come through. Last year, Ronaldo began to talk openly about his “dream” to join Real Madrid; he even tried to force a transfer. His agent Jorge Mendes worked out a deal last year ensuring the salary of 9 million euro’s a year. The historic transfer of 94 million euro’s is very “puzzling” according to Platini, president of the UEFA, because the football industry has to deal with the worst financial crises ever. Besides Ronaldo, Madrid also signed Kaka for a respectable price of 68 million euro’s. Madrid spent over 200 million euro’s this year.

The amount of money which is paid of Manchester’s striker Ronaldo is absolutely outrageous. This transfer has nothing to do with fair play, it is business in its most evil form. The major clubs are growing and the smaller clubs are getting smaller. Whenever a player has got the potential to become a world class player, a major club as Madrid chucks his money around and buys all the chances of winning any prizes. The European champions league also contributes to enlarging differences between clubs. Any football club who qualifies to play in the Champion League receives millions of euros. The salaries of the players should also be reduced. They can’t even spend the money they earn. On top of that, the better they are, the more multimillion sponsor contracts they have. The UEFA should determine the salaries for football players.


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