donderdag 14 mei 2009

Let's go nuclear!

Nuclear airplanes may sound like a concept but it may well be the next generation aircrafts. Fossil fuels are running out as we speak, which makes flying much more expensive. By the year of 2045 all of the fossil fuels will be gone. The future planes might use nuclear energy but do not use carbon emission so they do not contribute to the global warming effect. The US even tested nuclear airplane during the cold war but the temperature of the engine eventually got to high. Professor Poll expects that the planes will fly by the year 2050. Nuclear energy has a bad name but it may help human kind in the future as a good alternative energy source. There is also a small chance that nuclear reactors will be placed in unmanned planes. The military is very interested in these kinds of developments.

The idea of flying in a “nuke plane” frightens me a little bit. I believe that plane crashes will be disastrous but perhaps they find a way of ionising the nuclear reactor. It will be much easier for terrorist to find a nuclear bomb, they only have hijack a plane. May be we will have to do it because we do not have another choice. On the other hand, the population of the earth is increasing and we are only consuming. The earth as its limit and we do not care much about the environment. Money is still priority number one. There may be a time when we run out of recourses, maybe the technology can save us a little longer. However, for the future nuclear planes is a good solution but also very dangerous. What do you think about nuclear energy? The Chernobyl plant exploded and it is still harmful for human beings. Nowadays it is able to book an excursion to the area.


Intel has finally got what it deserved, a beautiful fine of 1 billion. The committee took aim at Intel in June 2008. The company offered discount to major European computer companies, paid money to use their chips and paid pc makers to declay AMD. The international company excessive used its dominant market position by offering cheap deals harming other companies. The company is able to offer a better price if businesses want to order a large amount. For smaller companies as AMD it is harder to lower their price. Therefore it is not allowed to use your position in order to eliminate your “enemies”. By fining companies as Microsoft and Intel the European Union sets an example and encourages the self employed to start a business. Although Intel has made a lot of profit in the last years the fin still hurts the company. It is a milestone for the European Union.

I believe it is good to stimulate other companies to offer the same products. This gives the consumer the right to choose their products. Intel has no right to determine which chip I want to use. Windows also does the same thing by offering their software and buying up any company that might be a threat. Competition is good for the quality of our products, it keeps you sharp. The European Union should try and fund other software developers. I believe Intel should also pay AMD because they obviously suffered from their bribe activities. It is also good to send out a message to other multinational companies.


The world, therefore human kind, is facing perhaps its biggest challenge in the 21 century. Climate change is highly under estimated by the governments. It will lead to poverty, food shortage, diseases and maybe even to war. The temperature around the globe will rise with 2 C and this means catastrophic consequences. It is likely to have more tornados, tsunamis and other extreme weather events. I believe this a very frightening matter and that the world leaders should pay more attention to the thorough problems.

G Power

The 2009 euro song festival is organized in Moscow. Each European country sends an artist/group that will perform an act at the event. There is no secret that the euro song festival is extremely popular in the gay scene. Gay activists consider this to be a good opportunity to organize a gay pride event. By organizing a gay pride they can demand attention regarding gay rights in Russia. Neo-Nazis and Russian nationalists see this as an opportunity to beat up gays. Even the mayor of Mosow Yuri Luzhkov, described the gay pride events as "satanic". I believe it is ridiculous that this is still happening. People should be judged on what they say and how they act and not on whom they are.

woensdag 13 mei 2009


The long expected album of Eminem has been released. After a few months in a rehab centre, the slim shady is back again. After four years and his battle against the whitest powder in the world, he produced an album in collaboration with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. The cover of his new album is symbolic, as it consists of small pieces of medication, showing the face of Eminem. The rapper also announced that a second album is being produced at the moment, which can be expected to release at the end of this year. Relapse is an album which offers the listeners various beats with sharp and edgy lyrics. Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and even his own mother are mentioned in numerous songs.

Pimp my telescope!

The Hubble telescope, world’s largest telescope of 13,3 meters in space, needs some “patch-up” work. The repair work will extend the life of the telescope with five more years. In 2020 it is going to crash down on earth. The mission is considered to be very exciting since the Colombia disaster in 2003 which killed all astronauts. Furthermore, the instruments that need to be fixed are very difficult to repair. Eric Smith, the Hubble programme scientist at NASA, said: "We are going to be repairing instruments that have failed but were never designed to be fixed by astronauts. That is going to be the real challenge." If they succeed, the result will be astonishing because the quality and sharpness of the pictures will be unprecedented. The Hubble telescope has given so much significant information about the age and birth of the universe. If we know more about the things around earth, it will also tell us something about our planet. The more we know about the universe the more we know about life itself.

Barcelona vs Chelsea

The semi-final between Barcalona and Chelsea ended in 1-1. Even though it turned into a draw, it was an unforgettable match. The Danish referee Ovrebo, instigated a lot of anger and disgruntlement among the Chelsea players. The referee admitted to have made mistakes (missed two hands fouls) during the game. Didier Drogba, Chelsea’s striker, did not behave as a role-model, so to speak. He shouted and cursed into the camera. Another team player, Michael Ballack, also faces misconduct charges by the UEFA after showing unfair behaviour. Chelsea supporters were furious and even the referee was confronted with death threats. I believe the situation is bluntly ridiculous. The organisation should expect proper behaviour from the players, if not they should be punished by a fine, or suspension for upcoming matches. I can imagine that it is hard to control your emotions in the heat of the moment but for players like Drogba and Ballack this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.

donderdag 7 mei 2009

back to work!

After a nice holiday it is time to work and go to school again. I can feel the pressure again in order to succeed. The plan is to complete my minor English and Omgangskunde education by the end of this period because I am going to work fulltime next year. If everything goes according to the masterplan I might be able to graduate cum laude after the holidays. I am looking forword to focus on my teaching career. After 3 years studying I want to teach. I experienced my time at the HU as very productive and intresting. Eventhough it is sometimes hard to focus on three different elements regardless the working pressure. Well this is my first blog, there will be more.