woensdag 3 juni 2009

Brown is going down

After the resignation of Blears Britain’s PM Gordon Brown is more under attack than ever before. Blears is not the only one who handed in their letter of resignation. The opposition David Cameron claims that the government is collapsing before their eyes and wants to call for an immediate general election. However, Mr. Brown rejects and says that his MP’s have been under a lot of pressure since the revelation about their expenses. Brown plans to clean out the expenses system and wants to bring order to the chaos. The media is building up the pressure as we speak. Several newspapers criticise Brown’s leadership, there are two ways of removing the prime minister. Brown can hand in his resignation or his party nominates a challenger. The challenger needs enough support in order to take over his work. This has failed twice so far. If Brown is going to quit is going to do it himself.
I believe that stability is exactly what Britain needs in these financial crises. When the MP’s are all resigning, it does not give the civilian much fate. Furthermore, I believe it is outrageous that something like the expenses situation can happen in Britain. If the government wants to create stability, it is essential to look at a possible solution. The more attention the problem gets the bigger it becomes. I also believe that Brown does not get the support he deserves from his political party. In fact, he is one lonely man at the top. There is no team spirit among the government. Britain needs a prime minister with strong leadership qualities who will be able to guide Britain through the heavy storms.


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