donderdag 14 mei 2009


Intel has finally got what it deserved, a beautiful fine of 1 billion. The committee took aim at Intel in June 2008. The company offered discount to major European computer companies, paid money to use their chips and paid pc makers to declay AMD. The international company excessive used its dominant market position by offering cheap deals harming other companies. The company is able to offer a better price if businesses want to order a large amount. For smaller companies as AMD it is harder to lower their price. Therefore it is not allowed to use your position in order to eliminate your “enemies”. By fining companies as Microsoft and Intel the European Union sets an example and encourages the self employed to start a business. Although Intel has made a lot of profit in the last years the fin still hurts the company. It is a milestone for the European Union.

I believe it is good to stimulate other companies to offer the same products. This gives the consumer the right to choose their products. Intel has no right to determine which chip I want to use. Windows also does the same thing by offering their software and buying up any company that might be a threat. Competition is good for the quality of our products, it keeps you sharp. The European Union should try and fund other software developers. I believe Intel should also pay AMD because they obviously suffered from their bribe activities. It is also good to send out a message to other multinational companies.

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