donderdag 14 mei 2009

Let's go nuclear!

Nuclear airplanes may sound like a concept but it may well be the next generation aircrafts. Fossil fuels are running out as we speak, which makes flying much more expensive. By the year of 2045 all of the fossil fuels will be gone. The future planes might use nuclear energy but do not use carbon emission so they do not contribute to the global warming effect. The US even tested nuclear airplane during the cold war but the temperature of the engine eventually got to high. Professor Poll expects that the planes will fly by the year 2050. Nuclear energy has a bad name but it may help human kind in the future as a good alternative energy source. There is also a small chance that nuclear reactors will be placed in unmanned planes. The military is very interested in these kinds of developments.

The idea of flying in a “nuke plane” frightens me a little bit. I believe that plane crashes will be disastrous but perhaps they find a way of ionising the nuclear reactor. It will be much easier for terrorist to find a nuclear bomb, they only have hijack a plane. May be we will have to do it because we do not have another choice. On the other hand, the population of the earth is increasing and we are only consuming. The earth as its limit and we do not care much about the environment. Money is still priority number one. There may be a time when we run out of recourses, maybe the technology can save us a little longer. However, for the future nuclear planes is a good solution but also very dangerous. What do you think about nuclear energy? The Chernobyl plant exploded and it is still harmful for human beings. Nowadays it is able to book an excursion to the area.

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